About us

We are a (small) dynamic company that focuses most of its activities on emergency medicine.

Due to the good cooperation with several companies we have earned a place on this market. At the beginning, the trade in second hand ambulance equipment was our main business. Meanwhile we also serve the training market. We are talking for example about dummies for training and material for wound simulation, but also about (expired) disposable articles such as dressing and infusion material, etc..

In addition, we and our partners have stored a large assortment of spare parts over the years. So, they get partial spare parts for rescue service and training accessories, which is not available from the manufacturer anymore. Also, for this material you can direct a specific inquiry to us via our material lists. If not in stock, we will do our best to procure them.

For us, recycling is part of our business philosophy.

Therefore, we also buy training dummies which are declared defective by schools or which were damaged during use or storage.


Our newest line of business is the rental and modification of training dummies. Due to our large stock of training dummies and rescue service equipment, we are able to rent out material and “dummies” for large-scale exercises. So, we have always various ALS dolls in stock, which are well suitable for disaster exercises. So, you can keep your company’s own dolls safe from damage, because we usually have a “light” version of the high-quality dolls in stock. We have the needed knowledge in the house to offer these dolls, if wished, with trained escorts. This gives us the opportunity to contribute to realistic exercise scenarios.


Our team members are experienced emergency personnel and lecturers. This means that they have been active in emergency rescue or have recently been active and have many years of professional experience.

Our capital is our international contacts. These are helpful both for the import and for the export. If there are no particular goods in one country, we can often import them from another country.

All our team members are Freelance employees. Since they are either working as ambulance team members or trainers, they have a high and current level of knowledge. With some of our suppliers we maintain a trustful contact for many years. So, we can trust our team members as well as our business partners for 100%.

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Pro Rescue
Kolmondstraat 37
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